Use the free off-campus access function provided by google to quickly access paper

Google Scholar is a widely used literature search tool, and people in different countries use it in different ways.

Google provides a more convenient means of document acquisition for college students who use it. The following mainly introduces its two convenient functions.

The first item is its Library Links function. The entry method is significant in the figure below. Its role is very simple, that is, the link of the search results, such as the link of Findit @ SNU (related to the library you choose), Can easily jump to the full-text link that the school OPAC system indexes.

Many Chinese universities, including Peking University, are also supported.

What needs to be introduced is the second item, also the focus of this article is the OFF-Campus access function provided by Google. This is a simple and automatic effect function (It may be necessary to contact Google to submit the IP address of the school in advance), when you visit google scholar in the campus network environment then this function takes effect. You could refer to the following links and the figure below for detail.

The direct-chain download link generated by this function is shown in the red box below. The link is still effective after leaving the campus network environment. It can provide ScienceDirect, Springer/Nature, Wiley, Science, EBSCO, Proquest, and many other mainstream databases. The roaming download function is convenient for paper downloading after leaving the campus network.