A Brief Discussion On the Electronic Resources of American Public Libraries

When I am bored, I often go back to register in public libraries around the world to see the use of some national or international database resources, so I have this article.

The first is the delineation of boundaries. Since I only understand English, the registered public libraries are limited to English-speaking countries. French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc. are not considered.

In English-speaking countries, there are too many public libraries in the UK, and many university libraries also allow public access to reading. Therefore, public libraries are generally biased towards daily life and there are no libraries with prominent electronic resources. In Australia, libraries Electronic resources are okay, but nothing stands out. In the United States, I registered more than 20 well-known libraries, of which two were selected for the most prominent electronic resources.

The first is the New York Public Library (NYPL), its ProQuest database subscription volume is impressive, 121 sub-databases, has surpassed many universities. There is also a book subscription from the Oxford University Press, which subscribes to more than 90% of the books in its database. In addition, it also subscribes to some less-subscribed periodicals of Chinese universities such as the University of Chicago Press.

The next thing I want to introduce is the State Library of Ohio. Its outstanding feature lies in the numerous overdrive e-book resources, more than 200,000 English popular e-books (of course there are many academic e-books)

Well, I have to introduce another library, los angeles public library(lapl). The library with the largest overdrive books I have ever found


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